Sermon Series 

In the Autumn we are starting our series on The Sermon on the Mount.

sermon on the Mount teaching s

Topics will be:
Sunday 30th August Introduction to Sermon on the Mount
Sunday 13th September       Blessed are the poor in spirit
Sunday 20th September       Blessed are those who mourn
Sunday 27th September       Blessed are the meek
Sunday 11th October            Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
Sunday 18th October            Blessed are the merciful
Sunday 25th October            Blessed are the pure in heart,
Sunday 8th November          Blessed are the peacemakers
Sunday 15th November        Blessed are those who are persecuted
Sunday 22nd November       Do not Judge Others
Sunday 29th November        Family matters
Sunday 13th December        Let your yes be yes
Sunday 10th January            Turn the Other Cheek
Sunday 17th January             Love your enemy
Sunday 24th January             Give to the needy
Sunday 31st January             Prayer
Sunday 14th February          Fasting
Sunday 21st February          Treasures in heaven
On the First Sunday of each month we will be looking at Bible Characters, in line with our daily readings which you can see in our Daily Reading and Prayer booklet.
Sunday 6th September Jonah
Sunday 4th October     Joshua
Sunday 1st November  David
Sunday 6th December  John the Baptist

We are continuing to hold our services using Zoom for the time being. You can join us at 11am on Sunday Mornings using this link


You can hear talks from our service on our  Sunday talks page